Sunday Worship

4 11 2009

I’ve mentioned previously that I will be attending the Bacchus next Sunday for a Beer and Food matching event, well now the beers have been announced.  For a mere thirty five of your English pounds (and Scottish/Irish/Welsh I suspect) you can partake in an 8 course lunch matched to halves of the following beers supplied by The Brew Company.

Slaker Pale Ale 3.8%
A fantastic pale session ale!
This award winning light refreshing pale ale drinks far beyond its strength.
It slakes your thirst! Made with the finest pale malt and a touch of wheat
malt which gives it a biscuity flavour. Light lager hops produce fruity
overtones coupled with a delicate hoppy aroma – Delicious!

Hop Ripper IPA 4.3%
An American inspired IPA, pale in colour and bursting with hop resin
flavours. The hops used are Chinook from the United States give this beer a
strong grapefruit character

Hop Manifesto 4.8%
The first test brew for a new brewery currently being brewed at The Brew Co.
This is a pale ale where hops are at the forefront.  Made with Centenial,
Chinook, Cascade, Magnum hops.  Hopped from 1st worts and then at regular
intervals for layering of flavours and bitterness it was eventually dry
hopped in the cask with Amarillo.

Abyss Best Bitter 4.2%
This award winning Best Bitter is a great example of dark coloured ale.
Dark walnut brown in colour with a slight burnt toffee flavour and
background roast this beer is packed with sharp dry bitter flavours. Made
with Boadicea hops which are naturally aphid resistant meaning no pesticides
are used in the cultivation.  Better for the environment and your beer!

Autumnus Porter 4.7%
A traditional dark porter made with a combination of pale, brown, crystal &
chocolate malts for a complex malt flavour, hopped lightly with Aurora and
spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg for that Autumnal flavour.

St Petrus Stout 5%
The five malts make this a dry stout, dark with a roasted malt character and
fruit, some coffee & liquorice flavours underscored by a balanced
bitterness. Thick in mouth feel this is a great traditional stout.

Raisin to Live – Black chocolate raisin imperial stout 7%
A black stout made with 7 different malts, including pale, crystal,
chocolate, black, roast, brown and wheat. Hopped with Pilot and adjuncts
include Belgian Black Chocolate and kilos of raisins. A rich dark malty
choclatey stout.

Tantalus Belgian Dubbel 6.5%
Brewed in the style of dark Belgian Dubbels this ale is made with copious
quantities of dark crystal malts and dark demerera sugar for a dry high
alcohol malty ale.  Fermented with a Belgian Ale yeast this beer exudes
typical Belgian flavours and the dark crystal gives the beer dark prune

This will be a tutoured tasting and Pete from The Brew Company will be on hand to talk us through each half.  My sources tell me there is still 1 table left unsold which could sit 3 people so contact the Bacchus now because you really won’t want to miss out on this.



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