Local Beer Fest News – The Cumberland Gets A New Cellar

25 11 2009

Well I’ve been a bit lax in posting this week due to feeling under the weather…and no, it’s not man flu.  A bad back has been hampering me and a dodgy stomach has meant I’ve been off the beer too, so a miserable week all round really.  Still, things are improving and I hope to be able to sleep tonight with waking up in pain every time I try and turn over.  Which, handily, would be just in time for me to enjoy the following beers at the Cumberland Arms in Byker:

Allendale – Beacon Fire 4.6% (Chilli beer)

Big Lamp – Northern Star 4.8%

Bradfield – Farmers Blond 4.0%

Bull Lane – T.A.G 4.2%

Consett – White Hot 4.0%

Cumberland Breweries – Corby Ale 3.8%

Dark Star – Old Chestnut 4.0%

Dark Star – Winter Meltdown 5.0% (with ginger)

Durham – Evensong 5.0%

Durham – White Gold 3.9%

Geltsdale – Brampton Bitter 4.0%

Hadrian Border – Ouseburn Porter 5.2%

High House Farm – Matfen Magic 4.8%

Jarrow – Brown Ale

Jarrow – Swinging Gibbet

Mordue – 5 Bridge Bitter 3.9%

Mordue – Workie Ticket 4.5%

Old Bear – Sun Bear 4.2%

Summer Wine – Teleporter 5.0%

Wentworth – Bier Des Deutschen Ursprung 5.4%

Wold Top – Bitter 3.7%

Wylam – Northern Kite 4.5%

The beers are being put on from tomorrow as a bit of a celebration in honour of the new cellar at the Cumberland and the usual great selection of ciders and perry’s will also be available.  I imagine the beers will be available through to the weekend so even if I don’t feel up to it tomorrow I guess I’ve got a few more days to get myself down there.