That Was The Year That Was…2009

2 01 2010

So another year comes to an end and those idiots in the media would have us believe we are entering a new decade.  Learn to count chaps and chapess’s, please.  The done thing in the blogosphere seems to be to list all the things that have impressed or disappointed you over the preceding year and, given that this is a blog about drinking, I guess I should be extolling the virtues of or deriding various drinks/drinking establishments.  But I’m not going to do that.

Everything we do is coloured by time and place, the emotions we feel and the influence of others.  All of which makes being objective about the events and flavours of the past year too damned hard for someone with a limited vocabulary, such as myself.  Anyway, I’m old enough to know not to trust my first impressions and to always give something a second chance no matter how strongly I may have reacted to it initially.  Sure, I’m likely to have been right first time but I’ve also been wrong often enough to give me pause for thought.

My goals for the rest of the decade are to try and discover some of the pubs that I have always considered too far away despite only being at the end of a 20 min train journey.  Revisit some of those that have failed to impress me yet in the hope that either they or I have changed and re-evaluate those which I probably take for granted at the moment.  I also need to try and broaden my palate and try some beers I would normally avoid like the plague, those with Gold, Golden, Spring, Summer or any mention of the word Hop in the name.  Not that I can ever see me stop predominantly drinking dark beers but I may just be missing out on one or two that I might find I enjoy.

I’m also going to shirk away from saying that I want to ensure that I keep this blog up to date.  The last month has shown me that there are things that can happen in my life that are far more important than writing a blog post, opening a bottle of beer or heading out to the pub.  I’m also still not sure what direction I want to take the blog.  At the moment I’m just posting this and that when it comes to my attention but I’ve stayed away from making too much comment and I think that has to change, so I may give my spleen a venting a number of times in the coming months.

And so, finally, it comes down to wishing you all a happy New Year.  May it bring all you wish for and, more importantly, all you deserve.