Multi-flavoured Swap Shop

15 11 2009

beer_swapLOGOGiven that my #Beerswap selection has finally reached its Collect+ arrival point I thought I would do a post about my experiences so far of the whole thing.   Well, for starters, I can’t say it was any easy selection process by any means.  The biggest problem was trying to get the balance of my selection sorted.  As I’ve stated previously I’m predominantly a dark ale man so my first thoughts were to go rushing off and by bottles of my favourite local darks but then I got to thinking, ‘what if my recipient is a hoppy, light beer lover?’

My dilemma was helped somewhat when I found out that my recipient was also supplying me with their selection.  So, the plan went, I would just wait for their selection to arrive, check it out and try and surmise what sort of beer they favoured.  Naturally, in the end, they had been very sensible and posted me a good cross selection of beer styles which, of course, is what I should have been looking to do all along.

Next problem, how the hell do you limit yourself to four beers? To solve this I took the scattergun approach and bought far more than I needed and drank my way down to four.  Not the most scientific of methods, I agree, but damned good fun.  Some of those that failed to make the final cut, for no reason other than I drank them, included Alnwick IPA, Durham Archangel and Wylam Rocket.  So what did make the final four?

Jarrow – Westoe IPA 3.8%

Allendale – Wolf 5.5%

Hadrian & Border – Ouseburn Porter 5.2%

Durham – Temptation 10%

All great beers, I think, but I’ll let @WindsorBeerFest be the final judge of that.

The chosen delivery method, via Collect+, has been a pain free experience although I am aware that other people have had problems with the service.  All I can say is that it has been great fun rediscovering some beers that, because they are local, I have tended to take for granted, which in my eyes has been the major plus point of #beerswap.  Well that and getting to try some beers I’ve never even heard of never mind tasted and I’ll post a review when I can finally find some time in my diary to sit down and enjoy them properly.