Packing For The Off

9 11 2009

Here they are, my final selection of beers for the Twitter phenomenon that is #beerswap.  I’m keeping their identity largely secret for the moment in order not to spoil the excitement for my recipient.  I’ll post a quick write up on the beers once I know they’ve arrived, or been irretrievably lost.

#beerswap bottles

My eagle eyed recipient may also recognise the packing used…recycle for the win.

bottle wrapped

Of course, my bottles would have to be a little broader in girth than 2 of those I received so things were a bit of a snug fit but we got there.

Boxed up

Handed in to the Newsagent on Sunday morning and wending their way south very soon.




3 responses

9 11 2009

Looks interesting…..racking my brains to try and recognise those snippets of labels. Nice bit of recycling (Beerswap saving the Planet).
Looking forward, with keen anticipation to receiving a package from Collect+ in the near future (fingers crossed).

9 11 2009

Gone for 4 different breweries and a range of styles…though leaning towards the stronger end of the spectrum.

Hope Collect+ gives you a chance to enjoy and I’ll post reviews of your wonderful selection as soon as I can find time to sit down and enjoy them properly.

9 11 2009

Excellent, the stronger end of the spectrum is right up my alley!

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