Welcome to the musings of two blokes with a passion for the (more than) occasional drink.  This blog has been a long time coming.  The idea was first mooted whilst standing in line waiting for the doors to open on the Newcastle Beer Festival back in 2006.  Truth be told the original idea was to start a beer related podcast, and that may just come to pass in the future, but given our tardiness in getting anything started here lets just stick to the written word for the moment.

The general idea is to post something every time we try a bottle of beer or visit a pub/festival but in all honesty things are likely to be more sporadic than that.  Whilst most of our reviews will be quite short we do intend to post a series of in-depth, double-headed overviews of many of the places we visit.  Also, we won’t be exclusively writing about beer, there will also be the occasional post on the other tipples which take our fancy.

We make no claims for quality of the writing contained here, we’ll be honest and forthright but at the end of the day they are just our opinions and certainly won’t be troubling the judges of the Man Booker Prize.  We also make no excuses for the style of beer we like so don’t go ranting at us when we dislike your favourite golden, hop filled tipple, it may be that you would hate our favourite dark, unctuous glass of tar.

Kid Curry & Hannibal Heyes

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