Local Beer Fest News – Cumberland Arms Winter Beer Festival

26 02 2010

Late on this one too…must get a PC that allows me access to my emails all the time (just arrived as I type this – yippee!).  Anyway the festival starts today, running through the weekend, and has a great line up of beers for your entertainment as can be seen below.  I think Saturday is the only day we will be able to make it down due to an over extended diary at the moment but get yourself down to Bker this weekend if you can, it looks to be well worth it

Allendale, Beacon Fire 4.6% – A golden caramel coloured ale flavoured with Pasilla chilli’s

Bird Brain, Sheer Water 3.9% – A dark full bodied ale

Bottlebrook, Red Chinook 4.6% – A mid red copper Ale with grapefruit and lemon notes

Consett, Captain Cooks Black Porter 4.4% – A complex dark beer with initial chocolate sweetness followed by a sharp bitterness with roasted flavours

Durham, Frostbite 3.6% – Despite its low ABV its depth of malt and hop character makes it seem stronger than it is

Fallstaff, Phoenix 4.7% – A dark copper Ale with lots of body & a sweet after taste

Full Mash, Noir Rouge 4.2% – A dark red stout

Grafters, Brewers Troop 4.3% – A malty medium – dark beer

Hadrian & Border, Tyneside Brown Ale 4.7% – This brown ale is brewed on Tyneside. It is a full bodied, nutty, dark amber beer balanced with traditional English bittering and aroma hops

Jarrow, McConnell’s Celebratory Port Stout 5.1% – A rich creamy stout with a long lingering port, Liquorice & pale chocolate finish

Leadmill, Mashtun Bitter 3.6% – A mid bronze Ale with a dry citrus hoppy finish

Mallard, Feather Lite 4.1% – A pale larger style bitter, that is sweet on the palate

Marston Moor, Matchcock Mild 4.0% – A traditional full-flavoured dark mild

Milestone, Lionheart 4.4% – A mid copper traditional premium ale

Rudgate, Ruby Mild 4.4% – A nutty, rich ruby ale, stronger than usual for a mild

Shardlow, Reverend Eden 4.5% – A smooth bitter full of malt and hops with a sweet aftertaste

Slaters, Top Totty 4.0% – A yellow coloured Ale fruit and hopped nose and citrus hints

Summer Wine, Inverno 4.2% – A traditional dark winter ale with roasted nut and slight berry fruit hop finish

Thornbridge, Wild Swan 3.5% – A pale gold beer with a subtle lemon and spice aroma

Warwickshire, Lady Godiva 4.2% – A blonde gentle and full bodied Ale

Wolf, Granny wouldn’t Like It 4.3% – A dark red, rich & fruity Ale. The mix of flavours produces a complex but satisfying drink

Wylam, Northern Kite 4.5% – A ruby ale in the traditional “scotch” style. Subtle hop character and a rich palate


Local Beer Fest News – The Cumberland Gets A New Cellar

25 11 2009

Well I’ve been a bit lax in posting this week due to feeling under the weather…and no, it’s not man flu.  A bad back has been hampering me and a dodgy stomach has meant I’ve been off the beer too, so a miserable week all round really.  Still, things are improving and I hope to be able to sleep tonight with waking up in pain every time I try and turn over.  Which, handily, would be just in time for me to enjoy the following beers at the Cumberland Arms in Byker:

Allendale – Beacon Fire 4.6% (Chilli beer)

Big Lamp – Northern Star 4.8%

Bradfield – Farmers Blond 4.0%

Bull Lane – T.A.G 4.2%

Consett – White Hot 4.0%

Cumberland Breweries – Corby Ale 3.8%

Dark Star – Old Chestnut 4.0%

Dark Star – Winter Meltdown 5.0% (with ginger)

Durham – Evensong 5.0%

Durham – White Gold 3.9%

Geltsdale – Brampton Bitter 4.0%

Hadrian Border – Ouseburn Porter 5.2%

High House Farm – Matfen Magic 4.8%

Jarrow – Brown Ale

Jarrow – Swinging Gibbet

Mordue – 5 Bridge Bitter 3.9%

Mordue – Workie Ticket 4.5%

Old Bear – Sun Bear 4.2%

Summer Wine – Teleporter 5.0%

Wentworth – Bier Des Deutschen Ursprung 5.4%

Wold Top – Bitter 3.7%

Wylam – Northern Kite 4.5%

The beers are being put on from tomorrow as a bit of a celebration in honour of the new cellar at the Cumberland and the usual great selection of ciders and perry’s will also be available.  I imagine the beers will be available through to the weekend so even if I don’t feel up to it tomorrow I guess I’ve got a few more days to get myself down there.