Local Beer Fest News – Brandling Villa Update

14 01 2010

A quick update on the Brandling’s festival as we now have the Cider list in so I thought I might as well make it available to you all:

Crossman’s Somerset Sweet Cider 7%
Hartland’s Farmhouse Cider
Malvern Magic 6.5%
Ross On Wye 5 Apple Medium Dry 6.5%
Ross On Wye Dabinett Bramley 5.5%
Weston’s Old Rosie 7.3%
Weston’s Traditional Scrumpy 6%

I’m sure the Cider Tarts will be overjoyed at the prospect of 7 ciders, although CTγ may be more than a little annoyed given that she offered to drive me there today thinking there would only be 3 on.

The plan seems to be that CTγ and I will pop in tonight to grab a couple of drinks (or a half in CTγ’s case) and some sausage for tea.  We will then be back on Friday night for a longer session in the company of HH and CT’s σ & λ.




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