Local Beer Fest News – Beer & Sausages, Brandling Villa

9 01 2010

This is the closest pub to Newcastle’s Freeman Hospital (I think) and therefore the watering hole of choice when the work day has been too stressful to take home with me.  To be honest it’s proximity to work has been the only thing going for it until recently with both the drink selection and bar staff being piss poor in the past.  All quite handy in some ways because I was never seduced into  staying for more than a pint or two before escaping to the comforts of home.

That has all changed recently with the introduction of a new management team who have given the place a kick up the arse and brought real ale and cider onto the bar and overhauled the food menu.  Along with the introduction of live music at weekends the changes have made it a very dangerous place to visit now as the need to get home seems less pressing.

Anyway, new manager Dave Carr has decided, in his obvious wisdom, that a real ale and sausage festival was called for to blow away those post crimbo blues and has duly organised one for January…what a hero.   The flyer for the event is posted below and my contacts tell me that there will be vegetarian options available, although why you would bother…




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10 01 2010
Local Beer Fest News – Beer & Sausages, Brandling Villa…The Lists Are In « Another Drinking Blog

[…] Beer Fest News – Beer & Sausages, Brandling Villa…The Lists Are In 10 01 2010 After posting yesterday about the Brandling Villa’s Snorker and Beer Fest the inimitable Eric Larkham has emailed me with […]

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