Another Drinking Song

3 02 2011

OK here is the first of what I hope will be an regular/occasional (we’ll see) series of posts about drinking and music, my two big loves [EDIT Cider Tart γ has just reminded me that they are actually numbers 2 and 3 on my big loves list].  The songs featured may have nothing to do with drinks or drinking themselves but to me they will have a strong affinity with the places, people and drinks my memory connects them to. They may also be simply, as in this case, about the joy of drinking and the places in which we do it.

First up for your entertainment is the very ditty which gave inspiration for the title of this here blog and of course the title of this post.

Title: Anotherdrinkingsong

Band: Skyclad

Album: A Semblance of Normality

Where they sit around and get a round in while the getting’s good,

They’ll make the most until the money’s gone.

They’re coming out to celebrate, to sing and dance and to escape

A crazy world where everything seems wrong.

Drinking to forget and to remember all the glory days,

The days we stood apart and we stood strong;

Though the beer befuddles sense it can’t provide them recompense,

They settle for anotherdrinkingsong.


Where the busy man finds recreation the idle man finds business,

The melancholy man finds sanctuary;

The stranger may have welcome and still within these selfsame walls,

The citizen may find some courtesy.

From Rose and Crown to Cock and Bull all history is written there,

To folklore, myth and legend we belong;

Come Masons, Plumbers Carpenters, come Cricketers and Huntsmen,

All join in with anotherdrinkingsong.


Well you can keep your long-hours culture and lusting for adventure,

There’s life aplenty down The Tap ‘n’ Spile

Forget your occupation down the Salutation

This tragicomedy will make you smile

From quaint barstool philosophy to subtle innuendo

It’s funny how the tribes all get along

Curse abstinence and temperance; and celebrate insouciance

And join us in anotherdrinkingsong.


Kevin Ridley:  Vocals, Guitars

Georgina Biddle:  Fiddle, Keyboard, Piano

Steve Ramsey:  Guitars

Graeme English:  Bass

Arron Walton:  Drums

Listening to this song always puts a smile on my face and starts me looking for the nearest watering hole to rest my wearies.  What I really like about it is the way it truly celebrates drinking culture and the feeling of community offered by the Pub and its various occupants.  It is a positive affirmation of all that is good about the Pub and what it is that keeps us going back when it is probably easier to open a bottle or two at home.  Sure it’s a rose tinted view of things, but come on it’s a celebration, why spoil the mood? In many ways it reminds me of a musical version of a Hogarth cartoon.  I never tire of it and every time I revisit it I discover something else to amuse.

You have to love a tune that can get insouciance into the lyrics and they are delivered with just the right amount of tongue in cheek reverence by Kevin Ridley.  Musically things are equally as good and even without the lyrics you would just know that this is a party song and that drinking had to be in there somewhere. A true toe tapper/head nodder.  Of course if you don’t like folk influenced hard rock then it’s all going to be absolute drivel to you, mores the shame.  It’s not often that we get a song which isn’t about alcohols more detrimental effects or its use in dulling the pain of a broken heart so good on you Skyclad.

The song appears on Skyclad’s first full album after the departure of original vocalist Martin Walkyier, A Semblance of Normality, and along with last years In The…All Together I think they represent the bands best work.  Steve Ramsey and Bean were both members of one of the North East’s premier NWOBHM bands, Satan, and I can heartily recommend picking up their Court in the Act album which is re-released sporadically.  It wipes the floor with many of the more well known releases from the genre, I’m looking at you Venom.

You can check out more tunes on the bands MySpace page and purchase CD’s from their Website.