Local Beer Fest News – Newcastle Beer and Cider Festival

13 04 2010

Well here it is the big one.  The 34th Newcastle Beer and Cider Festival will be held at Newcastle University’s Student Union on Kings Walk and runs from the evening of 14th April through to Saturday the 17th.

When this blog was first envisaged it was in the queue to get into this festival several years ago, although at that time it was planned to be a podcast.  It has taken enough years in the making that now I have a chance to blog about it I’m not going to let work or anything else get in the way.  I have my leave suitably booked and a laptop at the ready so post about it I will.

I will be joined by HH, the Cider Tarts and a number of usual suspects each day and will be doing a running commentary on Twitter (#toonbf) as well as possibly doing some longer posts ‘live’ via the laptop (each subject to sobriety).  Both the beer and cider/perry lists are looking good this year and they will be enjoyed in the presence of some great company.  Good times.




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