Queen Victoria Feeds Her Subjects

24 02 2010

News from the ever knowledgeable Eric Larkham.

The Queen Victoria on Gosforth High Street will be starting to serve meals from Monday 1st March. Food will be available every day between 12noon and 8pm.

To enable them to decide what sort of food will be popular, and what beer goes with what food pub manager Justin Cooper is inviting you to pop along to the pub on Friday 26th February between 12:30 and 2:30 for free samples of the food, although you have to buy your own beer of course.

Sounds fair enough to me but unfortunately ADB are otherwise engaged.  If you are in the area though it sounds as if it could be worth your while popping in.


Local Beer Fest News – Trimmers Arms

24 02 2010

I’m afraid this festival has passed be by a bit so I’m late with the news.  The festival starts today and runs though until the 28th so there is plenty of time to get down there still.  In truth I’ve never been to the Trimmers, something I’ll have to rectify, so I can’t comment on the place but the beer list looks great.  There will also be 9 brews from the Bitter End Brewery whose Espresso Stout was a lovely pint at the recent Newcastle Arms festival.


1648 Brewery Brew-Master 3.9%

1648 Brewery Triple Champion 4.0%

Acorn Gorlovka Stout 6.0%

Acorn Motueka Ipa 5.0%

Allgates Hop Devil 5.5%

Banks & Taylor Dunstable Giant 4.4%

Banks & Taylor Shefford Old Dark 5.0%

Batemans Miss Canada 4.1%

Battledown Porter 4.5%

Bazens Zebra Best Bitter 4.3%

Beartown Ursa Minor 3.6%

Bowman Nutz 5.0%

Brentwood Blind Date 4.1%

Bridestones Dark Mild 4.5%

Burton Bridge Old Expensive 6.5%

Castle Rock Hairstreak 3.6%

Clarks Midwinter Mistletoe 4.2%

Corvedale Molly Morgan 4.0%

Elland Catch The Rainbow 4.1%

Empire Imperium 5.1%

Frog Island Croak & Stagger 5.6%

Golcar Guthlags Porter 5.0%

Green Jack Maheer Ipa 5.0%

Humpty Dumpty Porter 5.4%

Leeds Midnight Bell 4.8%

Loddon Penny Pond Porter 5.5%

Moles Moleo & Juliet 4.4%

Oakleaf Quercus Folium 4.0%

O’Hanlons Storkstay 5.0%

Ramsbury Pophams Pride 3.6%

Three Castles Love Beer 4.0%

Thwaites Hops & Kisses 3.8%

Wolf Remus 4.1%


Biddendens Bushells 6.0%

Biddendens Kentish Medium 8.0%

Moles Black Rat 6.0%

Thatchers Cheddar Valley 6.0%

Thatchers Trad Dry Cider 6.0%


Local Beer Fest News – The Duke of Wellington

24 02 2010

Just a quick one to say that there is going to be a small beer festival held at the Duke of Wellington on High Bridge Street between the 11th and 13th of March.  This used to be the Saturday haunt for HH and I but I don’t think either of us has been in for a number of years now.  No particular reason other than we thought the choice of beer took a bit of a hit and the décor change wasn’t to our liking…finicky blokes us two.  Anyway here is the beer list and you never know we may venture back in for a pint or two.

Abbeydale Moonshine 4.3%

Anglo Dutch Tabatha the Knackered 6.0%

Beartown Ginger Bear 4.0%

Blue Monkey BG Sips 4.0%

Cotleigh Old Buzzard 4.8%

Durham White Amarillo 4.1%

Fyne Ales Avalance 4.5%

Hadrian Border Reiver’s IPA 4.4%

Hadrian Border Tyneside Blonde 3.9%

Hornbeam Lemon Blossom 3.7%

Jarrow McConnells Irish Stout 4.6%

Mighty Oak English Oak 4.8%

Moor Somerland Gold 5.0%

Mordue IPA 5.1%

Roosters Yankee 4.3%

Saltaire Cascade Pale Ale 4.8%

Spectrum Old Stoat Wobbler 6.0%

Thornbridge Jaipur IPA 5.9%

Wylam Gold Tankard 4.0%