Don’t Know Much About History…

31 10 2009

Old Inns and Taverns

I picked up this little beauty at a local market recently for the princely sum of £4 along with a couple of other beer related books, but this was undoubtedly the star buy.  Published by V. Graham (? relationship) and printed by T&G Allan it is a card backed, 42 page pamphlet, printed on rather nice gloss paper and dates from 1959.

The contents list and comment on many pubs which are still in existence today and it makes for great reading. Amongst other things it tells us which Newcastle pub used to have a cock-fighting ring and which had a louping-on stane, a stone mount which ‘allowed farmers’ wives to easily get on the pillion behind their husbands for the riding home’.

When we eventually get around to doing some in depth reviews of the local pubs we will also reprint the comments from the book in a following post.  A seasoned, second opinion if you like.  For those pubs no longer in existence we may very well set up an ongoing series of posts reprinting the comments from the pamphlet.  That may well prove very handy when we run out of inspiration for anything else.




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