Local Beer Fest – Beers That Go Bump In The Night

30 10 2009

Another local Beer Fest to bring to your attention, this time with most of the beers having a Halloween theme.  Being over the water it is outside of my usually territory but my South of Tyne correspondent tells me that the venue is well liked and friendly.  Proceedings started yesterday but I’m sure there is still plenty of beer to go around from what looks to be a great selection.

STEAMBOAT, SOUTH SHIELDS 29th October – 1st November 09
Halloween Beer Festival, up to 20 beers available during the festival.
Beers List below:

Adnams Old Ale
Anglo Dutch At T’Ghoul & Ghost
Anglo Dutch Ghost On The Rim
Big lamp Embers
Castle Rock Hemlock
Cathedral Ales Black Imp
Durham Magus
Fullers ESB
H & B Border Reiver
Hamilton Nightmare Porter
Hop Back Entire Stout
Leeds Midnight Bell
Mauldons Oktoberfest
Moorhouses Black Witch
RCH old Slug Porter
Tim Taylors Golden Best
Wychwood Hobgoblin
Wylam Magic
York Centurion’s Ghost

This info comes from Phil’s excellent site which keeps us all informed of the beers on offer in the Tyneside region.




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