Sunday Munchies

26 10 2009


For the first time since they introduced it last month, my wife and I popped into the Bacchus yesterday for Sunday lunch.  Nothing strange there you may think but trust me, getting a lunch in Newcastle on a Sunday has been one of life’s onerous tasks.  For such a reasonably sized city, with an apparently thriving Sunday shopping scene, the choice has been sparse to say the least.  Sure, you could pop into one of several chain restaurants, Wagamama’s, Nando’s etc, but try and get a Pub meal? Not a chance.  So given that we’d spent years bemoaning this fact we thought we should support the one pub that was making an effort.

The Bacchus is currently the local CAMRA pub of the year and has been serving food in the evenings since it reopened a couple of years ago, often preparing beer/food matching menus*.  When we got there things looked to be ticking over but not exactly busy which was just as well considering there was only one barman present.  Still, the beer and cider lists were scoured, orders placed and a table secured within a couple of minutes.  Food wise it was a choice of roasts, beef (her), chicken (me), lamb or pork complete with mash, roasties, carrots, cauliflower, cabbage, Yorkshire pud and a lovely rich gravy all for the very reasonable sum of £6:50 each.  When washed down with a very nice pint of Hornbeam’s Black Coral Stout and a half of Cirrus Minor it made for a thoroughly enjoyable repast.

Beer List - Baccus 25 10 2009Cider & Perry List - Bacchus 25 10 2009

I can only wish the Bacchus well in its venture and will certainly be returning to try out the other roasts available.  Given the lack of competition, the timing with the run up to Christmas and the inevitable increase in trade that brings I think they are on to a sustainable winner.  I also think there are enough potential punters out there to allow someone else to run with the idea too.  Whilst further out of town, The Cumberland Arms in Byker has announced it is going to start Sunday Lunches in the coming weeks, so it looks like the message is getting round.  Finally.


* The good lady wife and I have just booked ourselves onto an 8 course ‘meet the brewer’ food/beer matching event with Pete from The Brew Company on the 8th on November, should be fun.



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