I’ll Show You Mine, If You Show Me Yours

25 10 2009

We started a Twitter account to test the waters of the beer blogging community i.e. were you a friendly bunch or were we going to be met by Slaughtered Lamb like silence? Thankfully there seems to be a really great sense of community out there borne by the love of beer.  One of the great things to have arisen out of this sense of community is Beer Swap.


It’s a simple enough idea really.  Get a group of like minded people from different parts of the country to choose 4 local bottled beers and post them to each other.  See? Simple!  Simple of course if you don’t have to coordinate the whole damned thing, so hats off to Andy Mogg and Mark Dredge for pulling it all together.  I’ve sent my details in now and have already secured a couple of bottles for my lucky recipient…quite exciting really.

So if you fancy getting involved and would like the chance of tasting some hard to find bottles of beer from never heard of micro’s (and some you no doubt will have) you still have time.  Check the links above and get yourselves signed up, the more the merrier.  But be quick, the clock is ticking and you don’t want to be left out of this one.  That means you too HH, get your finger out mate.




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